Zingg Andreas Vanguard ETF

Vanguard: ‘Great Fall‘ and the Road to Recovery

Vanguard: “Across Europe, last week was a quieter week for European-domiciled ETFs. Once again fixed income took the lion share of inflows, followed by commodities….

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Andreas Zingg, Head of Switzerland and Liechtenstein

This was largely counterbalanced by negative equity flows. In equities, investors allocated mainly into global, followed by European and Chinese exposures.”

“Vanguard’s UCITS ETF lineup was reflective of industry trends and seeing outflows this month.”

A comparison of the current economic environment with past recessions speaks to the severity of the shock produced by the pandemic and the global efforts to contain it. The story is similar around the world. The shock to economic growth, and to employment as well, from pandemic-containment efforts make even the 2008 global financial crisis seem insignificant.”


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