Zingg Andreas Vanguard ETF

Vanguard: continuous flow momentum for European-domiciled ETFs

Vanguard: “Last month saw continuous flow momentum for European-domiciled ETFs, fixed income remaining once again the largest contributor to product inflows – almost doubling from a month to the other. ”…

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Andreas Zingg, Head of Switzerland and Liechtenstein

“Vanguard’s UCITS ETF lineup returned to positive flows in June, driven by fixed income exposures. All World exposures across FTSE All World and FTSE All World High Dividend attracted significant flows. In fixed income, inflows were largely spread across the range, with almost all products seeing net inflows over June.”

“But how will we pay for this? It’s a natural question about global policymakers‘ multitrillion-dollar efforts to prop up economies and markets against the monumental threat of the Covid-19 pandemic.  And the question has understandably taken a back seat to confronting immediate health and welfare challenges.  Now, as economic activity reemerges even as daily new confirmed cases of the virus globally top 100,000, we can start to address how governments can pay back their debts. For developed markets, at least, the situation may be less dire than some fear.”


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